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An adorable sandal! This sandal is extremely pretty. This is the kind of shoe which will look great with almost every thing you wear. It is going to complement almost all kinds of outfits. I found it so comfy that I love wearing it almost all the time. This shoe looks very sexy and cute.
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Vaneli Sandals Review:
Sandals are the gift of summer. As summer arrives what one start thinking off is to have a cute and nice collection of sandals. Vaneli has done a great job in this regard. Vaneli is the master of designing cute and funky sandals for all generations. On one side the sandals are sexy, hot, cute and funky and on the other side there is also a huge collection of decent and elegant sandals, so it depends on your taste and desire, you can select any of these.

Under Vaneli sandal comes two categories. One is Vaneli slide and the other is Vaneli Thong. Vaneli slide is the most popular kind of this brand which is extremely famous amongst the women of the whole world. This kind includes a huge variety of many beautiful footwear. You will find thousands of colors in these and also the heels are available in medium, low and high heights. At the same time there are many sandals which are flat as well. A huge variety of colors and materials are available. The different blend of colors makes this slide look even more attractive. The material also varies and you can select any of these according to the usage. You can wear it at office or causally or at functions. Semi formal, formal and also casual slides are available for you to choose from.

Going to the office or working as a teacher, both means that you have to stand for the whole day on your toes and which means that you definitely need a comfortable pair of shoe. In summer usually people prefer wearing sandals at work, especially teachers. Vaneli has provided the teachers with a very good opportunity to look smart and to feel nice as well with these shoes on. You can walk in these pretty sandal for the whole day without any fear.

Many customers complains that there sandals feel smelly after the using them for long, but donít worry it will never happen with these Vanelli sandals. You can always choose any sandal of your choice and can wear them for hours and nothing will happen to your feet. Your feet will never slip or sweat in Vaneli sandals as they wick away all the moisture and keep the feet healthy and dry all day long.

The most famous sandals include Desila which is a low heel starppy sandal and look really nice with everything. Prize is another wedgy sandal which has a wedge heel and the design is marvelous. For a perfect fit side buckle is also there. Youngsters love to wear this sandal. Marline is a delicate sandal which can be worn by people with narrow feet and you will rock the party. Marilva is the sandal which has beautiful gem on the top and which makes this sandal really special to wear. Rachel is an ultimate wedgy sandal which you would love to wear casually and also in many other functions. Nina is an extremely comfortable yet elegant shoe which will help you to walk for hours in peace.

Few more designed are discussed below :

The Vaneli Laban is a great pair of sexy sling back sandals which will not only look awesome but will also compliment any of your summer dress. These are the darling leather strappy sandals which have a delightful knot on the upper and which will also give you an alluring detail at the same time they look very nice too . The sling back is adjustable therefore it gives a proper fit. The sole of this shoe is not only lightweight which will make you feel barefoot but it is also vert flexible so that you will be able to stay comfortable, So no matter how long you need to keep your feet in this sandals you will definitely have a perfect ride. Every lady needs a dainty pair of sandals to wear when she is dressed up in nice clothes and Vaneli knows this very well and designed these shoes accordingly so these are just the ones which your feet will love to wear.

Another famous sandal is Vaneli Moisette which is very simple but classy at the same time. These leather slip on sandals not only have a stunning croc embossed design which looks awesome but the upper is also very nice, as it consist of woven embellishment on the vamp. The heel of this shoe is approximately 2 1/4' which is not very high neither too low , so it will give you just enough height without over doing it. So who doesn't want to have a charming little sandal which can look good with any of your dress and also with a pair of shorts and a blouse?

There are many more beautiful and attractive designs which are not only pretty but functional too. You can wear it for hours without any tension. Vaneli sandals are of high quality and extremely durable. One can wear it for many years and they will never let you down. Awesome company with awesome collection!


I love wearing it. Bertram can be worn with any thing and it will look really nice. I ordered it in black and it really shines like it seems online. Black is the color of all decades. I know it will never look out dated or out of fashion and Iíll keep on wearing it for years. It is a well made shoe. Its sleek silhouette has been crafted in patent leather which features a chic peep toe.
Its matching elastic is very flexible and it doesnít only create comfort but also provides a great fit. This sandal is fully padded and leather lined to provide great cushioning. Its shapely cork wedge heel doesnít only provide continuous style but also makes your walk stable. Its brushed leather outsole provides added durability and stability. The weight is only 5.00 oz and heel is 1 Ĺ inches high. No mater you want to go to a party or you are hanging out with friends. You can wear it any where and any time. Bertram is a shoe which will look good on girls, which will also look nice on ladies too. I am in love with this shoe and I think all of you will also look good in this fabulous shoe. So get it as soon as possible.

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