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6.00 oz. Flexible leather outsole, Fashionable patent heel, Luxurious leather lining, Dainty sling strap, This Raster slingback offers Gleaming patent uppers.
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Exquisite style has met ultimate comfort in the 'Raster' by Vaneli. It is the most comfortable shoe you must have ever worn! It consists of gleaming patent uppers which makes it more beautiful with intriguing fabric cutouts. Its dainty sling strap consists of an adjustable buckle for a perfect fit. So no matter your feet are small or wide you can always wear Raster as it has adjustable buckle. Its luxurious leather lining and cushioned foot bed provides ultimate comfortable and an extremely favorable environment to your feet. Its stylish patent heel also adds a sculpted element and looks very hot. The flexible leather outsole molds with your feet and provides lasting wear. Its weight is only 6.00 oz.

The shoe is the master piece of Vaneli. I think this brand has blessed us with so many beautiful and cute shoes. This brand has always tried to fulfill our each and every requirement.
Vaneli has made shoes by keeping in mind all kinds of feet. From narrow to wide and smart to fat. All kinds of people can take advantage of Vaneli shoes. Raster is another great addition to this brand. Once you wear it you’ll become a fan of it. Obviously after getting so many cool remarks who would not like to wear it again an again. This shoe will change your life forever, so you should give it a try. I am sure that you will love it. You can even buy this for your family members. They’ll definitely love its different style. It is simply an irresistible shoe!


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