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WOW! WOW! WOW ………………… Gorgeous shoe! It’s a great fitting shoe. I was looking forward to have an extremely stylish and trendy shoe for an upcoming family event. Its not so difficult to find a cute shoe, but my problem was that I had toe straightening surgery, so I wanted to have a non- athletic type shoe which was very difficult to found. Another problem was that I wanted to have a wide width and these are very hard to find especially if you want an attractive shoe. I have been wearing Vaneli size 6 and it fits perfectly
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Vaneli Pumps Full Review:
From generations to generation, woman pumps have been defined customary compartmentalization because these pumps are fit for every kind of occasion. That’s why if you are looking for a perfect pair of stylish pumps, you should look in to this brand and it will never disappoint you. Vanelli shoes are one of the most prized which makes of the shoe in the market in this Era. The shoes of this brand in vogue , fashionable and also address the Italian flavor of superior shoe making and they use different materials for that therefore the trademark is also acknowledged for its durable shoe aggregations.

Vaneli pumps are typically strapless shoe which looks awesome in every sense. These types of Vaneli shoes are available in high heels and also in medium. Low heel pumps are also available which can be very useful for the everyday affairs and can also be employed as your day-to-day office shoe. Vaneli understands what true woman pump means and they design those shoes accordingly. Pumps are extremely famous in women and these Vaneli pumps are the favorite of every one. All the women either want to have Vaneli pump or they strive hard to get it.

Vaneli Eliza pump is another famous pump which is the heart of every women. It is a chic shoe which grabs the attention of every one. This pump boasts a sharp toe point and also a sleek sling back. It is a very decent pump which will look great on any one’s feet and also possesses a very unique fashion sense. Another very interesting and cute pump available is Reiwid Pump. This pump is the perfect example of a extremely stylish and cute low heel pump. You can use this pump as an every day shoe as the heel is only 1.75 inches which is very easy to wear. The Reiid is created from good patent leather that is very expensive and also features an extremely nice buckle on the vamp. At the same time this is an extremely comfy pump too.

The Vaneli Luxor are another classy pair of pumps offered by this brand. These glossy shoes are very well made and also they are made out of leather with a pointy toe and it has 2 1/4' heel, which is not too high neither too low just perfect for a day at the office. These shoes also offer lightly padded foot bed which has a flexible lining that allows your feet to breathe and to have fresh air and the covered heel really gives a very clean structure on the over all shoes. Whenever you are looking for something that is just perfect for so many occasions then these are the pumps you need to buy for your wardrobe. These are the example of the few pumps from the wide variety available. Like these pumps there are many more which will serve you the best. You can walk in these to office or also at gathering and all the people are going to love your style. These pumps are not only graceful but at the same time extremely comfy too. There foot beds are very soft and you will never feel like wearing anything on your feet. Vaneli Pumps are simply Awesome!!


I once again searched this brand as it is the most reliable one for me. I have worn many designs offered by Vaneli and all were well manufactured and looked very nice. I selected Basque because it was not only attractive but I also heard that it was extremely comfy. I am so happy to have this shoe on my feet. I didn’t give much time to break in . I wore it in the party for which I especially ordered it and spend 6 hours on my feet, walking and dancing around and had no problems! I am in love with these shoes and I will definitely look for more Vaneli styles in future.
It upper is made up of rich calf leather upper which is soft and breathable. Its sexy peep toe has been accented with a metal buckle to have more feminine flair. Its padded foot bed gives an increased comfort for all day and night comfort. For added sophistication a leather covered low wedge has been manufactured. This shoe is the perfect complement to all your causal cloth. It’s the heart of your wardrobe so buy it as soon and possible and give a new life to your old and dead wardrobe.

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