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5.00 oz. Durable leather outsole, Shapely heel, covered to the classy uppers. Lightly padded insole, Adjustable ankle straps. Mirelys sandals have Updated t-strap silhouette.
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Fabulous Casual Shoe! I really love this shoe. I think it is the cutest shoe I have ever seen. Radclyf works really well with any kind of outfit. It complements jeans; it looks perfect with pants and looks so cute with skirts. I am quite tall but by heart I am a “girly girl” and likes to wear heels. This shoe is perfect for me because its wedge heel gives a feminine look but it’s not too high. I must say that this is the shoe of wonder. Vaneli has always fulfilled all the requirements of its customers and even in this shoe it has every thing a girl could ever demand from a casual shoe e.g good looks and style which makes you stand in a crowd. No body can go with out giving your shoe a second look and the most important thing is “COMFORT” which should be the supreme priority of every one because if the shoe is not comfy then you can not walk properly, can’t even concentrate on your work. In this shoe I am able to work all day in comfort.

This shoe can also be worn for business casual events. It is such a great shoe that I brought three pairs of it in black leather, suede and also in tan suede.  It provides easy slip on and off especially when you are going through the airport security. Goods looks and comfort have been combined together to make radclyf. This shoe has a low wedge heel but I really feel that its giving some height. Tassel of the shoe adds nice detail. It is an extremely stylish, cute and comfy shoe which I recommend all the girls. You’ll LOVE IT!


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