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6.00 oz. Wedge heel with synthetic outsole, Soft footbed provides cushioning to every step. Versatile Irreal slide offers Stretch upper with leather strap accents.
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This shoe is Insanely comfy and VERY CUTE! Wow!!! I purchased this shoe because I liked the look of this shoe and style. It looked that it will be a comfy shoe but after wearing it I was like “ Wowwwwww! What a comfort! Beyond my expectations. The foor bed is extremely soft and luxurious. It is soft with little bumps, because of which you feel that its massaging your feet all the time. The upper is also very stretchy especially made for ultimate comfort. The patent leather straps dress them up so they are not too plain. I have it in brown color and the patent leather accents seem like a pretty tortoise shell. I am really impressed with this shoe.

Its wedge heel with synthetic outsole makes it lightweight and also lasting wear. You will never feel the heel of this shoe as it is very comfy. Flat shoes often look “Too Flat” which doesn’t look attractive. Heel adds beauty in the shoe but it has to be very comfy.
My feet are very horrible- ingrown toenails, no arches at all, bunions and arthritis in the top of both feet. This shoe can be worn at home and it is dressy enough that you can go to most of the events as I cannot wear any closed toe shoe so it has served me the best. It is not only comfy but also provides a great arch support for at least 5 to 6 hours. Very Impressive! Thank You Vaneli!!


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